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Commercial Services
Over the years, East Coast Power Wash has found itself in many different commercial cleaning environments.   No job has been too large or too dirty for us to handle.  With the ability to show up on site with well over 1000 gallons of water and the best pressure washing equipment known to the industry; we leave nothing for the customer to be concerned about, except for HOW DIRTY IT WAS.
Having been fortunate enough to work on such large projects as Newark International Airport, and the US Open Tennis Stadium to name a couple,  it has forced us to grow in respect to acquiring proper insurance and work-mans compensation coverage for each particular state.  We are also registered and carry all the proper certificates for working in all the different locations, and if we are not, we will make sure we are prior to doing any work for you.

Today it is very important for both the cleaning company and the property owner to abide by all rules and regulations posted by the D.E.P., D.E.C., OSHA, etc., to ensure that all proper guidelines are being followed.  Nobody wants to spend unwisely and we all want to live and work in a safe and clean environment.


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